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Soha Ertebat Engineering Company started its activity with the aim of helping the development of the country's information technology infrastructure and has started providing services from the beginning by using experienced forces and modern methodologies.

Who We Are

Soha Ertebat Engineering Company in the field of information and communication technology, relying on up-to-date and unique technical knowledge and technology and creative and intelligent human resources, is committed to a quality-oriented culture according to the needs and requirements of all stakeholders in all processes.
The senior management of Soha Ertebat Engineering considers itself and the management team of the organization committed to implementing this policy and will do its best to coordinate the organization to achieve these goals. The review of the provisions of this policy and the extent of the organization's efforts to achieve its goals will be done in management review meetings.


Providing Network Services to companies of all sizes

Our Services

Doesn't matter whether your network support is big or small, the need for network services is one of the most basic needs of any company that needs computers to communicate. The role of computer networks in organizations and private companies is now undeniable. Not having a secure and suitable network can cause various problems for the collection. Soha Communication Company has tried to implement computer network services in the best way for its customers

Unified Threat Management

Having a complete set of security tools, you can manage the network threats of the organization and have higher productivity.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

If your company has several branches and offices around the world and you pay a lot of money for telephone costs, we suggest you use VOIP telephones.

Fiber optic communication

Optical fiber is the highest media in terms of transmission speed, use of this platform is recommended for high-speed communication in areas with frequency pollution and electromagnetic waves.

Wireless communication

To have a secure, stable and low-cost communication between different units of the organization that are more than one hundred meters away from the main center, we suggest using secure wireless communication.

Data Lass Prevention (DLP)

It is a set of processes that prevent sensitive electronic information from disappearing in the organization. With the full implementation of the DLP process, all stages of information production in the organization are examined.

Network infrastructure

Building a sustainable network is one of the main pillars of any leading and successful organization. Providing the highest quality network platform for your company is one of our specialties.









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Our StartUps

In today's world where we are witnessing rapid changes in technology and the needs of target markets, the role of entrepreneurship and consequently startups cannot be ignored. Soha Ertebat Company has also tried to make a significant contribution in this field by achieving a correct understanding of the needs of today's society, independently or by supporting the owners of ideas.

Soha Peyk

Soha Ertebat Company is one of the first owners of a capable fleet in the field of urban transportation, which has considered many services, including motor couriers, pickup trucks, and logistics requirements, for the convenience of its users.
Users of this system can choose the courier, taxi or van they want through the normal panel of the ambassador and register it in their panel. As soon as the order is placed online, it will be sent to all the desired communities (courier offices, telephone taxis, city taxis and telephone van offices) and users can also send their price offer to the offices.


The non-face-to-face patient visit plan of "Soha Ertebat Company" provides the possibility for families to visit their patients without being in the hospital and to benefit from the benefits of patient visits without the challenges of face-to-face visits. Rahmon Hospital of Yazd, as well as obtaining the approval of the University of Medical Sciences of Yazd Province, is proof of the efficiency and positive effects of this plan.

Soha Post

By using Sohapost service, applicants for using postal services can send their parcels to post offices from their doorsteps and then be informed about the status of their packages online. In the Soha Post service, the user registers his request and by entering the proposed price, or using a tender service or confirming the approved price, chooses the appropriate courier or ambassador office and pays the cost of sending the shipment to the destination. After delivering the package to the ambassador, the user can follow the status of sending the package online through the application.

Our products

Soha Ertebat company with a brilliant history in the field of computer networks is currently a distributor of the highest quality network equipment, including all types of network switches and routers, network connectors and cables, as well as racks in various models and sizes, and is ready to supply network equipment. It is needed by dear customers all over Iran


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What is an ad hoc network?

An ad hoc network occurs when two or more computers are connected through an intermediary node. First, ad hoc network does not need basic infrastructure such as routers or access points. Secondly, an ad hoc network is a temporary wireless network. In any place where there is no internet and people need to share their files, ad hoc network...

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Introduction of server and types of server equipment

As you know, the server is a powerful and always-on computer that consists of a series of hardware and software resources and needs settings and maintenance. In fact, by implementing appropriate settings for the server, you can somehow architect its structure and make better use of its resources. In other words, using the server settings...

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Introduction of network switch and its types

Suppose you are going to set up a computer network. A computer has a port or network card and a place to connect to another system. What if you have several computers in your company or complex that are supposed to communicate with each other? You can communicate with only one other computer from one system. To communicate with several systems, it is necessary to.....

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